Mexico City

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new pinky ring from the handmade market

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Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera’s blue house. Amazing house and incredible art


Fell in love with the uniquely stunning architecture and lush parks

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Districto Historico and Catedral Metropolitana

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Mayan city of Theotican later inhabited by the Aztecs just outside of Mexico City




Mexicanos tienen estilo!




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Mexico City (Mexico D.F.) is the epitome of a world class city. It is bursting with vibrant culture and rich history. You can see it on every street and feel it in the abundant mercados that are so fun to wander through. You can taste it in the incredible street tacos on every corner. You can feel it in the cantinas and fine dining restaurants. The people are so beautiful and diverse. From the uber-rich to the extremely poverty stricken… As with all major cities, there are the wealthy neighborhoods and the poor ones. We were able to stay in the lovely neighborhood of Condessa (our Airbnb was our home away from home)and we spent much of our time here and the neighboring districts called Roma Norte and Coyoacan. These neighborhoods reminded me of my travels to Europe. There were lovely people sitting outside of cafes talking, precious dogs skipping next to their owners in the many lush parks, fabulous fashion and style on literally every person, and smiles from strangers all the time. We could walk to so many of the places we wanted to see. The rest of the time we took Ubers which were much less expensive and more reliable that in the States. This was very convenient as the street traffic was quite complicated and confusing. However, I was so impressed with the traffic “culture”. Many four way stops did not have stop signs. Cars would approach and yield to each other so naturally. Drivers would cut into traffic constantly which was accepted and expected. Horns honked a lot but more as a common form of communication and not out of anger. We did venture out further, in search of second hand clothing, to areas where life is less polished and glamorous but at the same time just as beautiful. My week in Mexico City was life changing as it finally connected me to my heritage beyond what my family has taught me and what I have absorbed here in Texas. I love it so much, I would consider making Mexico my permanent home in the future. I am so grateful to my loving man, Jan, for giving me this opportunity and taking me on this trip as one of the best birthday presents ever! I am very much looking forward to continuing our travels to Mexico with the next trip to the city of Oaxaca where so many young artists, chefs, and professionals at the top of their fields are molding the culture in a way that attracts travelers from across the globe. To quote Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” So pick a place, any place… And put Mexico on the list! J

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