sxsw 2014

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photos by J and Grace Rogers

SXSW 2014 was epic as usual… Tons of music, booze, and people. The crowds were beyond massive this year! I’m sorry for the short style post but I was swallowed up in the mix most of the time. Some highlights include rubbing shoulders with Lady Gaga at DJ Shadow, dancing with my boo to Kendrick Lamar at the Moody Theatre (thank you Seiji!), and finally getting an invite to that Speakeasy I’ve been hearing about for years now (thank you Allesha). This South By wouldn’t have been anything for me if it weren’t for my awesome friends hooking it up… So thank you guys. But I have to say, that a South By without my main partner in crime, A, is just not the same. Missed you the whole time bestie! Next year, you better get your butt down here or I’m boycotting! J

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