farewell 5 pointz

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for twenty years the aerosol art center in long island city, queens has been a 200,000 sq ft canvas for street artists from around the world. a revolving cast of around 1000 artists paint and tag the walls each year.

meres one a fit grad has curated the graffiti mecca known as 5 pointz for the last decade. the block long industrial complex has in fact been an international destination to both bomb and visit (just across the street from moma ps1) it was one of a few public art spaces in ny. until last night when the walls were whitewashed there were over 350 murals covering the five story factory originally built in 1904 as a water plant.

last week the city council ruled they could find no reason to stop a $400 million development project to build two high rises in its place. 40+ story luxury towers with 2000+ apts and ground level retail spaces. developers jerry and david wolkoff have agreed to provide 200+ affordable housing units and allow artists to write and paint panels on the new buildings.

last weekend hundreds of people rallied and over the last year around 15,000 signatures were collected to petition the development..but 'the shiny new will replace the gritty old' again. i'm so glad we got to see it and experience the old just a few weeks before it was gone. a          

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  1. love this tribute! tis an old story. the artists come in and the real estate boom pushes them out. i have many many wacky memories from the place.