wait in vain

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inaisce (in vain) from falls ‘12 ‘pilgrimage’ collection and spring ‘13 columna cerului (center of the world) collection 

jona has been the only american designer to inspire me. his architectural, unisex collections are scandinavian meets far eastern. he dresses a nomadic warrior with minimalistic simplicity and accentuated seams. the collections are something new, not trendy, and overdone, which is a rarity amongst his (american) peers.

always asymmetrical, androgynous, anatomical, geometrical, and elongating. favoring colors that evoke nature and the four elements earth, air, fire and water. waterproof garments are durable and stiff on the outside and disguise soft delicate fabrics on the inside.

the collections are ahead of their time evoking the future and yet somehow also reminiscent of the past. a

more from last year

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