the hunger games

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photos via fgr featuring  colorful looks pastel to neon from various april editorials.

‘the question whether it is still possible to bring about an outbreak of creative sanity in mankind, to avert this steady glide to destruction, is now one of the most urgent in the world’ h.g. wells 1921.

literature is often written not to predict but to prevent.

with climate change comes rising seas, drought, and food shortages. in dystopian stories perverse ‘police states’ rule. looking towards our future it all seems relevant.
thinking about our media saturated culture can leave one in an existential rut. is it the human condition to allow our technology to surpass our humanity? spirituality? are we so void, so greedy, so afraid, so far removed from nature?
‘men will die because of his own follies..history will repeat itself’

we are all a part of this collective human experience how do we move our consciousness towards the light? a

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