isabel marant fw ‘12

photos via Elle.com

I’ve never seen so many embroidered, pearl snap shirts walk down the runway before. I chose not to post any of them. I think I prefer them in western stores or on one out of every ten people walking around South Congress (Austin, Texas). My old work sold them for 40$ a pop. I’m sure Isabel will be asking for a little more… I understand designers taking cues from things that have already been done, but I’m not sure how I feel about straight up copying the exact style of shirts sold all over the place. Is this what I have to look forward to from my favorite designers? The line wasn’t all over the top cowgirl costumes though. Some of the looks were adapted to be more high fashion, kind of. I thought these nine looks were cute and wearable. I will say that there were an awful lot of mini skirts for a line you’re supposed to be wearing in the winter. Ok Isabel, you ripped off the Native American style last year and this year you basically went into Sheplers Western Wear and put it on the runway… What will you “come up with” next season?? J

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