jump suit

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j wearing: vintage coach bag. sheer romper from leighelena. necklace from sola.
a wearing: j find oversized jumpsuit. boyfriend’s beenie. mk booties and fringe bag.
(thank you michael for my boots, thank you j for your find..and my taco)

good times at spider house for bleach’s ‘wild mint’ issue release to delicious times at la mexicana for tacos on the way home. rompers/jumpsuits/onesies are flattering, fun, and easy to wear. until you have to visit the ladies..but in any case worth the trouble once in awhile.

a phenomena i must mention is j and i will match worse than this when we don't plan to or discuss what we’re wearing. literally. it can be uncanny. but this time was planned. really, i copied j's idea to wear one of these 'onesies', both newly acquired..but she decided to take of the black beenie she wanted to wear before we got to the party. hah. a

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