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with seemingly less pieces to assemble in men’s wearable fashion as compared to women’s, it always gets me how critical i am of it as a whole. i suppose ill put pretty much anything together on myself so in that regard its easier for me to find inspiration. sometimes i wish i was a guy if only to dress myself.

a model plays a huge role in the appeal of what they are selling (that’s nothing new) and neither is the fact that advertising and the media pretty much tell women that the most important thing about themselves is how they look. somehow culturally in that regard we got to a place where its acceptable to find women desirable in their youth. thus many female models look 14 (or are 14) and we have to critically look harder to notice. in contrast its starkly noticeable to j and i when a male model looks young (they’re in makeup too) and many of them are really young as well or at least strive to exemplify that same waifish youth. this is something relatively new to me and the mass market.

today more than ever the market is offering men ‘things’ by selling  the idea of an authentic, fulfillment in narcissistic, unrealistic, infantilized, objectifying ways. something women have faced for awhile. our individualistic, consumer driven society ensures both men and women no longer view their bodies as biological things but rather as sociocultural-constructs in need of spending $ on.

i will always love fashion as a form of expression, and appreciate beauty, and my youth, but i also appreciate quality, wisdom, patience, knowledge, experience, and inner spirituality a truly authentic, fulfilling existence that could come with age if we didn’t cloud it. it would be so lovely to raise children or grow old in a world that appreciated those things too. if one thing is certain in life its death and i think our culture needs to come to better terms with that.

don’t get me wrong, i am a consumer, im addicted to shopping, and always willing to spend more money than i should on a pair of shoes. those things do give me momentary bouts of happiness but it is short lived and ultimately not fulfilling. however when i take the time to go through my things and pick out a new outfit and look from existing pieces i’ve collected through time i feel a real sense of creative fulfillment, which is so much more gratifying than the instant gratification of putting on something new.

limit the number of ‘new’ things you buy to quality staples or stand out pieces that you will wear for a long time with other pieces you already own or can find at a vintage or thrift store. 
i guess all im trying to say is be investigative, critical thinkers and question what you are seeing, hearing, and doing, like a child! there you go, don’t loose that aspect of your youth.

this random spawn of personal opinions originated from the fact that its hard for me to find images of men’s fashion i like online. when i do its like art imitating life. designers that build their male client a wardrobe that resembles my boyfriends but maintains an extortionate price tag in order for their clients to attain the same cool style.  a

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