come as you are

This editorial from Harpers Bazaar AUStumblr_lmefztz0Qb1qhsxw3o1_500tumblr_lfcd49vV8K1qak2n1o1_12802005_the_devil_and_daniel_johnston_012tumblr_lc2w0wmEXE1qc982bo1_400tumblr_loq813NGxq1qdqv28o1_500Favim_com-3350690black-blazer-boots-fashion-girl-grunge-Favim_com-82535cute-grunge-kurt-cobain-love-nirvana-rock-Favim_com-78152denim-editorial-fashion-floral-grunge-hair-Favim_com-68050fashion-flag-grunge-model-punk-style-Favim_com-73305intothewild2tumblr_lomh19x9Th1qdqv28o1_500
photos via Favim and FGR

So far, this century I’ve seen almost every decade of the previous century’s fashion trends re-visited. Right now, the 90’s are back in full force. So what will the 2000’s or the 2010’s fashion identity be remembered as in the future? Has it all been done before or is it that we just prefer what’s been done before? Maybe these years will be remembered at the “anything goes” era. Where new meets old and all the old fashion rules are broken. J

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