where did she go

It’s bittersweet that I have discovered my favorite model ever, because she hasn't really been working anymore since the birth of her child back in 2003. Her name is Megan Ewing and she is best known for being a Guess? girl but has also worked for Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Mango, and La Perla. She was also featured in Vogue Espana and Harper’s Bazaar. She credits Adriana Lima (my other favorite model) as being a mentor to her when she was just starting out and they worked together for Guess? and Victoria’s Secret.
She’s from Texas, born in 1984, and has a Mexican mother and German father. All three of those things I have in common with her. I’ve always wished I could find at least one beautiful, Mexican fashion model to admire. In my search for more info on her, I realized there’s a following of loyal fans with fingers crossed that she gets back into the business. I’m now one of them…J

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