sxsw 2011 street style part deux

amongst the memories of last week was nearly having a heart attack at the strokes. j and i tried three times to get into the free show at auditorium shores. on our first attempt a man with crooked yellow teeth tried to confiscate my oranges..so i made us turn around. the second try at another gate almost saw success when the young man checking my bag noticed the detachable lens around my neck he eventually endeared or afraid let me pass, but an angry woman who came out of nowhere (commendably taking her job very seriously) told us to leave. on the third and final attempt back at the first gate j now carried the oranges in her bag (gets one through and one confiscated) and the camera smuggles safely within the walls of the show in my bulging bag. walls that were soon to be..stampeded. mind you j's mace and switch blade make it through every time. we felt like such rebels eating our orange and taking pictures of outfits we liked. once the band came on and the gates were rushed we sifted our way through the immense current of people flowing towards the stage, stomped through massive piles of plastic and rubbish as we exited (what was left of the gates) and hitchhiked up s first street to our cars. they didn't even sell oranges there. a

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