@ dennis basso. it was g's saturn return birthday and probably one of the coolest days of my life. we were escorted into the belly of the fashion beast; the mecedes benz fashion tent. thanks to g's new homie marlon; a photographer, model managing, man of mystery. his business card lists four contact numbers with four different country codes. new york, paris, milan, and south africa; where he is from. hes managed the careers of anouck lepere and marissa miller to name a couple prominent models with a lasting presence in the industry. we had to double time it to keep up with the man half as tall as he whisked us backstage through several points of security. stunned! by the time i came to and remebered there was a camera around my neck the show was about to begin. shamefully my shots of the clothes themselves hardly came out either but the whole experience will forever be etched in my mind. upon finding us a place to post up for the show marlon was off, he had to catch a flight to vegas with the sports illustrated swimsuit models. what a life.

did you spot ms j? fabulously he held the same pose throughout the entire presentation. a

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