uptown girl

Sheila-Marquez-8Sheila Marquez-13Sheila-Marquez-Magazine-05Sheila Marquez-5Sheila Marquez-12Sheila Marquez-2Sheila Marquez-9Sheila Marquez-3
Sheila Marquez in “Uptown Girl.” Photographer: Matthias Vriens Mcgrath via absinthrill

I used to have a real aversion to 80’s fashion, but I’ve come to admire it over the last few years. It was experimental and daring. Men wore makeup and long hair and women wore short hair and layers of clothing with shoulder pads. People really used clothing to express their creativity and idividuality. My girl, Sheila, looks the part of the vibrant, powerful, “new age”, 80’s woman. J

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