my boots and my panther

via fashion gone rouge and ambushstudio
san fransisco is lovely. sadly been neglecting my camera! gonna get on it and post something soon.  sheila is definitely easy to look at. this one is for you j. a


  1. love love it! and you. isn't that a jaguar? omg, last night i put this silly black cat ears headband on and keena freaked out, arched up her back, puffed her tail, and hissed at me!!!

  2. argh that is hilarious shes such a curious clever bembini. ive met so many cool cats in san fran. saw one on a leash yesterday, and then a kitty with a rabbit!!

    if its a jaguar thats even sweeter, black jaguars are much rarer and then black leopards and their spots are more visible they are also the third largest cat after the tiger and lion..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_panther

    im obsessed

    love you miss you