js wearing a tribal-esq inspired look with her faux bone necklace and scarf turned wrap over denim shorts. super cute and compromising the over enthusiasm i had for my outfit : necklace from feathers, scarf from sola, thrifted shorts and tank, thrifted bakers wedges found new.

a : denim escada bustier from feathers, im obsessed (stephani's wearing one just like it. love) skirt from a big clothing swap last week

i like jack's teal jeans and his moustache. check him out in the bright light social hour. gs wearing a vintage 60's dress from flashback.

t bird and the breaks held it down at the power plant EVEN whilst the firework show commenced and sulfur filled the air and 'burning embers' fell from the sky .. two dwindling parties later we went back with sam to explore the dank depths of the building. j n i navigated the darkness with our pictures and flashes. then .. both our cameras died and we were stuck for a minute using the crappy dim light from our phones .. isn't there a app for this? one area by the 'records storage room' was lit and we splashed around in runoff till we were discovered. soon after everyone left but j and i continued on now armed with a light. two very peculiar burly military men kept appearing to us out of the darkness (and seemingly out of a tim burton movie) they were so strange i have to mention it. later in conversation we learned they were from out of town and heard about t bird and the breaks from someone at zilker park, then 'they just stuck around for the hours after the show' stealthy i suppose .. in hindsight "i dont think they really realized how lucky they were and how cool that was" j said. it was so cool! i know my camera is a piece but for those who may not be as lucky as the dynamic duo to stumble upon such an evening of music and adventure i hope you can at least get a sense of it. as we were leaving and driving away (through an open gate) j spotted the two again fiercely shaking the fence. were they trying to get out? prove their strength? or the fences? bizzare .. god bless america. a


  1. The denim bralette is so cool!! We love it!
    Greetings from Ireland

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