not to get confused, this ones for you

dressing up for drizzy: f21 lace top and skirt. target stockings. steve madden booties. thrifted gold bracelets. la made black dress tie as headband. necklace from lu (thank you) grace's wearing: miss selfridge leggings. vintage corset, vest, and bathing suit bottom. express bustier. gold jewelry. guess lace-up booties.

"inside im treading waters steady trying to swim ashore."

"never satisfied with a nice calm evening"..getting to be g's date for the young spit'a at stubbs was glo-rayous. right up in the front, though i felt bad, we were four inches taller with our boots on; still, "fresher than a pillow with a mint on it," swaying in a sea of sweaty girls wearing denim skirts and tank tops. "nuts they go, macadamia, whoa!" hold up, im not judging! we were there with our ones up in the air! (admittedly it was keeping me cool) regardless i think aubrey drake graham is an engaging entertainer and something about the mixed, canadian, jew from a wheelchair in degrassi intrigues me. a

xox oh please excuse the smudge on the lens at the end of the night


  1. Yay!! what a fun night! alllso, can u please load the rest of the pics to ur fb or something so i can see them pretty please?

    and i will leave u with this:

    what am i doing? what am i doing? oh yeah, that's right, i'm doin' me. i'm doin' me. i'm livin' life right now main and this what immma do til it's over..til it's over, but it's FAR from over!

  2. That first pic is great. Sexy mod is what I call it. Love it.