jeans: abs. oversized shrug: alternative apparel. jacket: herff christiansen. socks: target. boots: office (uk) bag: thrifted elliot lucca. beanie: forever 21.

at the start of this year eric, leon, and i took a trip to tokyo. eating sushi and drinking green tea everyday for a week was amazing and my body came home feeling fresh (no corn syrup does it good) ! while we were there i fell for the men's fashion. everywhere we wondered i saw outfits on men i wanted to wear, or at least in some close variation. really appreciative of the clean, polished, tailored, refined yet edgy look men at every age perfect in the eastern city.  

note about my fav jacket:  mary herff and danish design partner randi christiansen are an austin based duo who met doing their mbas at ut. i love their stormy, scandinavian, futuristic yet timeless, cotton pieces. check them out/check back as j and i will be including their harem pants in an upcoming post (pants we both own) hah! a


  1. Oh that first look ROCKS! I love all of it with all my heart. In fact you look like a doll. Great job!

  2. Hey, this is Marie from Japanese Streets. Wow!! Do you usually do a photo shoot on the streets in Tokyo? Awesomeness. Let me follow you on blogger!!

  3. thankyou honey bee! the pictures are surprisingly just one outfit. my jacket is zipped up all the way when im sitting on the train and creates a completely different look :) you are so sweet

    so theres no more confusion the third pic is a MAN who stood next to me waiting for the train :) we were twinkies ! even j thought it was another pic of me hah

    marie thank you so much for becomming a follower! to shoot there often would be incredible! that was only a little holiday and my first trip to japan..it absolutely blew me away. i want to go back! ps>your blog rocks. a