"hey, jimi"

Anja Rubik in Vogue Espana March, 2010 via fashionography

So by now you're probably getting a sense of my taste in fashion since the last few editorial posts have been somewhat similar. I can't help but love the sexy, bohemian style going on in this shoot from Spanish Vogue. The shoot is titled "Hey, Jimi", a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. I included a photo of him in one of his signature jackets for comparison. I'm determined to find a little, white dress like the second to last look. So sweet and hot. Happy Saturday. J


  1. Amazing j!
    Awww janellie I'm on the lake what can I say! (other than) I'm soooorry !! and I love you x (and wish you were here)

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  3. Very cool, I like the white dress too. It's all very J-ish!

  4. I love #2 except I think I would kill myself with those pencil thin heels. It'd be worth it though!