jose duran

Jose Duran Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook

Jose Duran is officially on my list of favorite designers. His designs are futuristic, fierce, feminine, and sexy. I want to dress like this everyday! I really love these photos in particular because the model has a striking resemblence to my bestie, A. Of course A is way prettier! I just want to say thank you so much to all of our 46 followers for motivating us to keep putting effort into making our little blog worth checking out. Everytime that number goes up one, we get really excited. Our hope is for it to keep growing, so if you have any friends that are into fashion at all please tell them about us and we will be eternally grateful. J


  1. ! j you are adorable. she looks kinda like you. oo i loove the second to last look! i want it and this models cute little nose.

  2. My fav is pic #3.

    Also loving the arm bands!