forecast: rain

vintage%20umb%20flying%20visualize%20uslisticles loobook.nu lookbook.n marieclairebrasiloutubrg wetbehindtheears polyvore theprettylife vintage%20umbrella%20photo%20found%20at%20amorologistvint%20umb%20underwater%20flkvintage%20umbrella%20visualizeusvint%20umbs $16 target photos via wetbehindthears, listicles, lookbook.nu, theprettylife, target, and eli audrey for polyvore

stay cute and dry with this bubble umbrella from target $16.99

:p to all my friends in sunny palm springs for coachella! a


  1. this actually makes me wish for rain, so i can step out under a adorb umbrella like this

  2. These pics make me secretly wish that it would become popular again for ladies (as it was in the 1800's) to walk around with umbrellas to protect them from the sun or simply as accessories.