custom eco swimsuits

j photography 
on earth day angela peace behind rekini swimwear premiered her innovative line at whole food’s headquarters. angel takes recycled t-shirts and refurbishes their glory into the cutest bikinis, boyshorts, bandeaus, you name it! her eco and chic designs will be available online soon. the best part is you can have your own custom swimsuit! with an old concert souvenir, a thrifted t, or a t-shirt out of your boyfriends closet angela can create a suit you’ll love for spring (maybe even more than you did before)  reuse! reduce! recycle! a

designer: angel peace - tshirtswimwear@gmail.com
hair: elizabeth fornespierantoni at salon aziz


  1. such a cool idea. you rocked the Lennon bikini!

  2. thanks j. sorry i buthcered your pics. we need a new camera! or maybe a camera man and...photoshop! thank you for everything yesterday xoxox

  3. hah! when i say buthcered i mean butchered. gah