dress up your suit

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With summer in Texas approaching, many of us will be spending half our lives in bathing suits. I've heard different opinions that questioned whether accessorizing your suit is "appropriate" or convenient for the act of swimming. Well, maybe it's not but it looks good! Not to mention you can still express your personal style while wearing very little. I always notice the girl in a floppy hat and bangles over the plain jane in just her sporty suit. So here are some ideas for adding a little sumthin sumthin. From a lacey button down top, to an oversized hat, to a long beaded necklace, there's an option for everyone, even the most hesitant. I say the more the better, because it only takes a second to take off your bracelets before you dive in, or better yet, wear under water friendly jewelry. Now go forth and be hot. J

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  1. The floppy hat, bracelet and gold shoes pic is my favorite.

    I think if you live in a hot place like Texas that it should be the norm for you to walk around in your dressed up bathing suit whenever your little heart desires...

    When I was in Greece most people did dress up their suits and walked around shopping at the out door shops near the beach. It was very glamorous as far as I was concerned.