the dawn of dusk

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indian vogues latest issue tackles color prejudice. in india and many other parts of the world pale skin is equated with beauty, even holiness. growing up in s.e asia i was always perplexed by the amount of skin whitening creams available on the market (a market that grew twenty percent last year). while everyone in the us is spraying their skin orange and tanning with a vengeance my asian sisters are bleaching theirs! until the day everyone is cafe au lait lets embrace and see the beauty in every tone.  i personally prefer being a darker dusky gal and think i look ill in the winter when i’m fairer. (maybe i need my own advice) "every generation has its share of beauty myths. perhaps it is time to bust this one," the editorial says. "time to say that as a magazine we love, and always have loved, the gorgeous colour of indian skin...dark, dusky, bronze, golden - whatever you call it, we love it."  a